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These Shops are partnered with Mushroom Kingdom and enjoy 100% Customer Satisfaction

Mushroom Kingdom

The Easiest Way
To Grow Mushrooms

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for a 10% Discount

Mondo Grow Kits
Is the Number One Source of

Grow Kits and Truffles.

Easy and Reliable Mushroom Growing safely at Home.

Beginner Friendly Solution that saves Space and Time.
Their Top Quality Grow Kits are super easy to handle.
Mondo Grow Kits consistently give the Biggest Yields!


Based in Amsterdam.

Free Shipping above 100€.

Super Fast and discrete.

Unbeatable Prices!


Your Number One Spore Source

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for a 10% Discount

Inoculate the World
The All Time Leading Market Place for Mushroom Culture.
Providing you with a Huge Variety of Strains.

Based in the US
World Wide Shipping

Start Growing Mushrooms Everywhere.

Inoculate the World

Find your Psychedelic or Gourmet Strain
Here for a very Small Coin!

midwest growkits.png

Your Go To Mycology Shop

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for a 10% Discount

Midwest Grow Kits is a very reputable Source of Mushroom Supplies with over 20 Years Experience in the Business.
They are based in Illinois, USA and offer a Huge Variety of Mycology Products.

From Grow Kits to Agar Plates or Sterilized Grain Spawn even Humidifiers and much more. Find it here.
All Orders over 99$ enjoy Free Shipping!

Have you been looking for a Grow Kit Equivalent in the US?
Midwest Grow Kits offer exactly that!
Spores are not included and will have to be acquired separately.


The Most Delicious Substrate on the Market

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for a 10% Discount

Midnight Mushroom Co know exactly what you need to make your Mycology Journey a Success!

Sterilized Grain, Rabbit Manure,

Agar Plates or Unicorn Bags?

They have it here.

Based in Texas, USA their Customer Support is working tirelessly to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

Are you looking for a Gourmet Mushroom Grow Kit?

Look no further!

Free Shipping and Bulk Discounts!

boomershroomer logo.png

Inflatable Monotubs!

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for a 10% Discount

For US and CANADA only

Check the Website for UK Shops

BoomerShroomer is taking the Monotub Game to the Next Level with their patented Inflatable Monotubs!
Easy to Clean and Easy to store away,
saving a lot of Space when you are taking a break from growing.

The lower Part of the Inflatable Monotub is colored Black to Prevent Sidepinning Without any Effort on your end!

Built In Fresh Air Exchange Holes that come With Plugs and Filters take away the worry of drilling and collecting supplies!

logo trans wider.png

Mushroom Kingdom Merch

Beautiful Designs on High Quality Products

by Mushroom Kingdom on TeeSpring


Items for successful Mycology

Nice little List of Mycology related Products I can recommend.

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