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Mondo Grow Kits is a long standing, very reputable and highly trusted Source of Grow Kits, Truffles, Tinctures and much more.
Countless Customers looking for easy to use Mushroom Products have been satisfied by Mondo over many Years.

Based in Amsterdam they offer free Shipping if you buy for more than 100€ on the European Continent including the UK.
Shipments to Canada as well as the US require a small Shipping Fee.

The Best Choice when it comes to easy and reliable Mushroom Growing in the safety of your Home,
especially if you are looking for a Beginner Friendly Solution that saves Space and Time.
Their Top Quality Grow Kits are very easy to set up and super easy to handle.
Mondo Grow Kits have consistently given me the Biggest Yields!

Unbeatable Prices with Super Fast Shipping!!
And their Truffles are just the best!


Your Number One Spore Source

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Inoculate the World provides you with a huge Variety of

Top of the Notch Spores and Liquid Culture

at a very affordable and reasonable Price.

Based in the US with WorldWide Shipping

makes sure that you can start growing Mushrooms

no matter where you are from in the World.

They are very reputable and trusted.

Many of our Members have made very positive

Experiences with ITW and continue to do so.

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Looking for an Easy Monotub Solution?

For US and CANADA Costumers only

Check the Monotub Tab on the Website for UK Shops

BoomerShroomer is taking the Monotub Game to the next Level with their patented Inflatable Monotubs!

They are easy to clean and easy to store away,

saving a lot of Space when you are taking a Break from Growing.

The lower Part of the Inflatable Monotub is colored Black

and you get an additional Liner

to prevent Sidepinning without any Effort on your End!

Mushroom Growing has never been this easy.

Perfect for Beginners!