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Easy Recipes to make more out of your Mushrooms

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Mushroom Kingdom


You need:

Coconut Oil - Chocolate of Choice - Mushroom of Choice - Glass Bowl - Ice Cube Tray

- Grind the dried Mushrooms of your Choice into a fine Powder

- Put an empty Glass Bowl into a Pot of boiling Water

- Give half a Cup (125ml) of Coconut Oil into the Glass Bowl and melt it

- Give 12 Ounces (350g) of the Chocolate of your Choice into the Glass Bowl and melt it

- Turn off the Heat

- Put 1-3 Tablespoons of your Mushroom Powder into the melted Chocolate

- You can put additional Flavors of your Preference into the melted Chocolate if you want

(Examples: Vanilla Extract - Cacao Powder - Caramel - Honey - Agave Syrup - Nuts - Sprinkles)

- Stir the Chocolate Mixture thoroughly

- Pour the melted Chocolate Mixture into an Ice Cube Tray of your Choice

- Put the Ice Cube Tray with the Chocolate into the Refrigerator for a couple Hours

- Once the Chocoloates are hardened you can wrap them in an Aluminum Foil of your liking

- Enjoy your Mushroom Chocolate


You need:

Raw (unpasteurized) Honey - Mushroom of your Choice - Jar

"Blue Honey" will only turn Blue if you use fresh Psilocybin Mushrooms cut up into small Pieces

- Grind the dried Mushrooms of your Choice into a fine Powder

(Or cut fresh Mushrooms of your Choice into very small Pieces)

- Put the Mushrooms into a Jar and cover it with Honey until the Jar is full

- Stir the Honey Mushroom Mixture thoroughly

- Seal the Jar

- Put the Jar away for 2-3 Months but stir it up every 2 or 3 Weeks

- Enjoy your "Blue" Mushroom Honey


aka Paul Stamets Cold Water Psilocybin Extraction

You need:

A lot of fresh Psilocybin Mushrooms - Bowl - Ice - Filter

- Cut up your fresh Psilocybin Mushrooms into small Pieces

- Put them into a large Bowl

- Pour cold Water over the Mushrooms in the Bowl

- Add as much Ice as possible into the Bowl

- Let it sit a couple Hours until most of the Ice is melted and the Water turned Blue

- If the Water has not turned blue, add more Mushrooms and/or Ice

- Run the Mushroom and Water Mixture through a Filter (A Piece of Clothing will do)

- You could funnel it into a Bottle

- Enjoy your Psilocybin "Blue Juice"


Consuming Psilocybin Mushrooms with Lemon Tek results in a shorter and more intense Trip

You need:

Psilocybin Mushrooms - Lemon (alternatively any acidic Juice)

- Grind your dried Mushrooms into a fine Powder or cut your fresh Mushrooms into small Pieces

- Put the Mushrooms into a small Container

- Squeeze the Lemon Juice out of the Lemon over the Mushrooms inside the Container

- Make sure your Mushrooms are completely covered in Juice

- Let the Mushroom Lemon Juice Mixture sit for approximately 20 Minutes and stir it every 2-5 Minutes

- Consume and enjoy your Trip

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