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Things that happen during a Mushroom Grow that are completely normal but can be mistaken as Contamination

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Mushroom Kingdom


Bruising can easily be confused with a Blue Mold called "Penicillium" but is in Fact very harmless.

There is an active Substance inside psychedelic Mushrooms and their Mycelium called Psilocybin.
Psilocybin turns blue when reacting with Oxygen and it is Proof that your Mushrooms are indeed magical. 
When handling your Mushrooms or Mycelium you will find that more and more blue Spots appear.
It is nothing to worry about.


Once a Mushroom is mature it will open its Caps to release Spores in order to conquer new Lands.
Many Mushroom Species have very dark Spore Colors so it is easy to confuse the Spores with black Molds.
Spore Drop usually has very distinct Patterns that does not resemble the natural Growth of an Organism.
It is nothing to worry about but Spore Drop can cause Complications with your Grow if it covers your Substrate.
You should harvest your Mushrooms before they are getting ready to release their Spores.


Often referred to as Mushroom Pee or Mycelium Pee Metabolites are perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.
The Mushroom Organism uses these Metabolites to fight off bacterial Infections and keep itself sterile.

Excess Amounts of Metabolites can indicate a suboptimal Growth Environment the Colony has to defend against.
Fun Fact: Antibiotic Medicines such as Penicilin are also made from fungal Metabolites.

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